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Release of Bhava Geethe Cassettes

Cassettes released :

More than 50 Bhavageethe, More than 30 Devotional Songs. “Mavu – Bevu” has made long play record in foreign countries also.

C.D. Released :

Lahari an organization has released more than 50 CD’s His songs of D.R.G. made the title Amharangada Hoovabana.

Contribution of Dr. D.R.G in the field of light music his unique. Every cassette has made name and evergreen in the hearts of every Kannadiga.

1. Mavu – Bevu
2. Geetha Vaibhava
3. Kavya Kaveri
4. Tangaali
4. Preethi Bhavane
5. Prema Payana
6. Hrudayada Hakki
7. Holy Hunnime
8. Ugadi
9. Chitrotsava
10. Mavu _ Mallige
11. Bhoomi Bhanu
12. ‘Siri Samvardhana’ are the illuminating stars in the galaxy of Bhava Geetha. (Collection of Kannada Lyrical.) 

Service in the field of Filmland

Since 1977 Dr. D.R.G. has written many film songs exceeding 500 in number and the songs got statewide popularity. He has written dialogues for more than 10 films. More than 72 cassettes has been released and reached the top most places in Kannada film field. He has contributed titles for More then 100 T.V. Serials.

Songs of Dr. D.R.G found in the following films :

1. Paduvarahalli Pandavaru
2. Parasangada Gende Thimma
3. Bangarada Jinke
4. Ashwamedha
5. Ranjitha
6. Rashmi
7. Prema Parva
8. Krishna Rukmini
9. Hosa Neeru
10. Olave Baduku
11. Aalemane
12. Ganeshana Maduve
13. Kavya
14, Janumada Jodi …

Felicitation from the people of Karnataka

Since 1972 many districts of Karnataka has felicitated him for his service to the state and nation through Kannada Literature. and bestowed him with many titles.

1. 1972 Kannada Sahitya Academy poetic collection got best prize.

2. 1982 Akhila Karnataka Chalana Chitra Rasikara Sangha Best Lyric Award in ‘Varuna Raga” film.

3. 1990 Kannada Sahitya Parishat has awarded him the Ratnakara Varni – Muddanna Kavya Award for Preethi Pragatha.

4. 1999 Arya Bhata Award releasing’devotional songs cassette the song being ‘Jayavenni Bhairavage’.

5. He read his poem in Vishwa Kannada Sammelana and Poet Laureate Kuvempu presided over the function.

6. He delivered an Excellent Speech on the literary works of Dr. Shivarama Karantha and poet Laureate “Kuvempu poetry in Vishwa Kannada Sammelana in the year 1997.

7. 2002 Vardhamana Mahaveers Award from Sri. Matt of Sharavanabelagola.

International Felicitation

Many Nations recognized and felicitated him for his yomen services rendered to the field of Kannada Literature.

1. American Biographical Center USA in its gazette 1992-93 has a special reference about him along with other 500 distinguished personalities under the tide of “Most admired men and women of the year” annual poll.

2. A.B.I. North Carolina (USA) has sent a letter of unique record about the life and work of Dr. Dodda Range Gowda. This is published in English Language.

3. Cambridge of England published men of Achievement award volumes. In volume 16, there is a reference about notable achievements, uniqueness of the poet Dr. Dodda Range Gowda. This recognize all over the World.

4. Since 1″ of August 1997 the American Biographical Institute of USA has appointed Dr. D.R.G as an Indian councilor. This is a great honor and reorganization given by ABI USA for humble and Simple Kannada Writer.

5. In the Year 11.11.1997 Dr. D.R.G. has received Recognition Award from Flint (USA) Michigan State.

National Felicitations and International Records

1. In Who is who his name has been recorded and printed.

2. Asia Pacific has referred his achievements.

3. Senior English Prof. N. Nanjunda Shastri has published an article which rear for 12 pages titled as the upcoming modern Kannada poet.• Dr. Dodda Range Gowda.

4. His 47 Poems has been translated to Hindi Languages and has come out in the form as book titled as “Geeta Vaibhav” .

5. Dr. Dodda Range Gowda on behalf of Karnataka represented state and people in a Sarva Bhasha Kavi goshti “National Poet’s Meet’:conducting. during republic day at Delhi in the year 1977.